Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly summary

So here's a summary of the interesting happenings from last week (Jan 19 – 25). I didn't make a post the week before that because there just wasn't much happening out there, but this week's entirely different.
Self publishing may still be only in its nascent stage, but need I say anything about any platform that enables an author to earn THAT much money. Amazon and Kindle have totally changed the face of publishing; perhaps forever.
Amazon has started a new publishing branch catered specifically to the Christian publishing industry. With this it looks like Amazon has a finger in every single pie out there.
Whether you're a publisher, a published author or a wanna be one, this webcast is a must attend. If you're a publisher you'll learn why authors want to self publish, and if you're an author, you'll learn the benefits and negatives of going it both ways.
Finnish author Helena Halme gives you tips on how you can use your own life to write a fictional novel. Her tips are good, so good that you know that they are from experience.
Most self publishers don't do anything about copyrighting their books. Many of them don't know if self publishing is the best route for them in the first place. This and more is discussed here. A must read for anyone who is interested in self publishing.
A good interview with an author who's done it all. She's been a published author for more than 20 yrs and then turned to self publishing. Read about her journey with self publishing.

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