Thursday, January 9, 2014

The week's top articles on self publishing

If you're thinking of self publishing, this is the time to do it. 2013 was the best year for self publishers with the number of self publishers exceeding the numbers of traditionally published authors for the first time in history. And the projection for this year is even better.

I have compiled a list of articles that make good reading if you're interested in self publishing. From tips on how to self publish to success stories, it's all there. Hope you like it!

Self publishing to soar after 50 Shades' success
Ruth Lumley gives data on what people feel about self publishing and the most common books self published by authors.

How I do it: Kristen James shares the secrets of her self publishing success
Want to know how Kristen James does it. Well it's all laid out for you here. And right from the horse's mouth too!!

Blurb self publishing platform powers story album app on new Samsung Galaxy Note Pro & Tab Pro
Self publishing just gets easier and easier. Check out the latest PR release from Blurb to know how to design your own book using just your phone.

Self publishing: it takes a village
Lindsay Pyfer shares with us the time, effort and money that went into publishing a book.

GF Newman on self publishing: 'There are huge changes coming'
GF Newman shares with us his reasons for going the self publishing route and his take on the future of publishing as a whole.

Self publish your book in 2014... Here are 8 reasons why
Shawn Smucker gives us his take on why self publishing is the best way forward.

How to self publish your novel: 10 tips to producing an ebook
Author Laura Morgan - a first time self publisher shares her experience of self publishing her book.

Let me know what you think of the ideas mentioned in the different posts.

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