Saturday, November 16, 2013

PASSION: Holding Your Interest Over Time

You must be willing to immerse yourself in the subject. Ask yourself:
  • Is this something you’re interested in anyway? Even if you weren’t doing this business, would you be involved in this niche or interested in the subject matter?

    Yes, because this drives the development of This allows me to increase my intrinsic value that helps me to teach which in turn accelerates the product development. The byproducts of developing can be sold.

  •  - Does creating information products for this niche seem like it would be fun for you? Or would you have to force yourself to do it and would it seem more like work?


  •  - Do you like the people that are involved in this niche? Do you empathize with your prospects and can you really put yourself in their shoes? Or are they just a means to end or something you’d have to tolerate along the way?

  • Yes.

     - Can you see yourself in this niche five years from now? Again, you’re building a business for the long-term. So ask yourself whether you can maintain the enthusiasm into the future. You won’t know for sure, of course. After all, you can change and grow a lot in five years. But you’ll have a pretty good idea. 


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