Monday, October 28, 2013

Why self publish ebooks?

Why self publish? 
  - Publishers don't consider books that don't sell certain number of copies.
  - Publish control approval, distribution, printing and know-how of publishing.
  - Free ebook creation
  - Distribution is democratized. Readers care about author and not who published it
  - Professional publishing best practices are available to authors for free.
  - Traditional publishers are losing monopoly
  - Competitive advantage over traditional publishers. Better job of reaching readers. Traditional publishers tend to price the product high that can hurt sales.
  - No longer the last option for a writer
  - The global sales of your ebook

Self published author == Indie authorship

Why ebooks?

  - It's a growing market. Print books are shrinking market.
  - People prefer changeable font size.
  - Lower cost than print
  - Huge selection
  - Convenient browsing and purchasing
  - Countries outside the US are entering the exponential growth phase of their ebook markets

Advantages of Self Publishing

 - Faster time to market
 - Creative control
 - Better distribution to global market
 - Ebooks never go out of print
 - Lower expenses
 - Lower prices to consumers
 - Earn more per book (60 - 80 % vs 12 - 17 %)

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