Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reducing Clutter to Create Space for Writing

I bought Fujitsu Scanner to convert printed material to PDFs. It helped me to reduce clutter and simplify my workspace. It is now easier to find my research material and focus on writing books. Now when you scan the printed materials scanner allows you to use OCR which will allow you to search the scanned PDFs but the problem is that it slows down the scanning.

Enter Google, now you can easily convert any PDFs that you can share publicly by following the instructions below.

Convert Scanned PDFs to Text

Create a folder in your website and upload all the PDF images to that folder. Now create a public web page that links to all the PDF files. Wait for the Google bots to spider your site.

Once done, type the query " filetype:pdf" to see the PDF documents as HTML.

Evernote is an alternative to Google OCR conversion. But it provides you a way to convert your private PDFs to text.

Reference: Convert Scanned PDFs to Text

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