Monday, October 28, 2013

Offline Direct Marketing Strategies

Niche businesses are the best way to go online. Putting your business on autopilot is huge step toward making it a success. By reprint rights and turn them into affiliate programs. Take reseller programs and turn them into affiliate programs. Advance notification of special offers.

Be open to new technologies - even if it makes you uncomfortable. Be open to changes in business. Accept and embrace the possibilities of any media.

Maximizing the lifetime value of a customer should always be your primary goal. Focus on backend marketing - selling other products to customers who have already bought from you. Use great salescopy and work the backend.

It requires a greater level of sophistication to make money online today. It's complicated and complex. A person with discipline and the determination to get it right and prosper.

Offline advertising driving traffic online can give a big boost to the bottom line. Combine electronic and hard copy.

  1. Do your model, tweak it.
  2. Do your sales process and pricing.
  3. Get your back end and your marketing model done. The goal is to get a working model that makes money.
 4. Get offline and reproduce the same model to generate a new revenue stream.

Remember that results with one media are indicative but not predictive of results with another media. Test online (offer, price, guarantee, headline, benefits etc) then take your winners and test them offline - you'll have an increased chance of success.

Integrate online and offline worlds

A good online model has a good chance of working offline and vice-versa. Your R&D budget should always include marketing promotion testing. Offline equity is more than online equity.

The best way to earn credibility is to practice what you preach.

Find a group of people who have a problem that needs a solution or a neglected group in need of attention. Go after a niche and take that small little market that nobody cares about and nobody thinks you ever could make money at and make tons of money. Monopolize that market.

Create your own product, then you own it and you control it. Make yourself go through the needle. To make serious money, acquire skills and knowledge. Learn the fundamentals of direct marketing and information marketing. Then keep reinventing and expanding your business over and over again.

Always seek more information and more strategies. Duplicate others successes - learn from the best and model your efforts after what has worked for them. Train yourself to endure, not to enjoy short-term success.

The Internet is not a business, it's a communication medium. To be a success, you need a business plan and you need to be willing to try more than one media or strategy. Real business involves acquiring customers with that media and then serving those customers repeatedly.

Create a business plan to acquire, serve and capitalize on customers. The media is a way to acquire more customers but your business needs to be your first concern. Niche marketing is easier online than offline. People with well defined interests and problems congregate in forums, websites and email lists.

Take something generic and turn it into a niche. Example : Piano lessons --> Play by Ear --> Gospel or Jazz. This strategy works well because of tighter message to market.

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