Sunday, July 21, 2013

T-shirt to promote your website

You can design your own T-shirts at Higher the quantity higher the discount. I ordered 12 T-shirts to get bulk discount. Just upload your logo and design the front and back, checkout and your done.

How to Run a Logo Design Contest for your Website

I recently ran a logo design contest at Here is some tips on how to run a successful logo design contest.

I read a book on Logo Design for the designers to get an idea of the process that good designers use. So I extracted some of the best advice and included it in the job description. Here it is:

1. Keep it simple.
2. Make it relevant : Logo must be appropriate for Click Plan. Go to the site and read the home page content to get an idea about the business.
3. Make it recognizable : Just its shape or outline gives it away.
4. Think Small : Design should work at a minimum of around one inch size without loss of detail.
5. Focus on one thing : Incorporate just one feature to help the logo stand out.

For the first round of the contest tell all designers to provide designs in black and white only. No color. This allows you to focus on the form and not be distracted by colors. Once you pick your finalists then you can tell them to add colors. I kept it very simple by sticking with just two colors. I already knew what colors I wanted I was happy with the end result.

You can see the result on my Click Plan site.