Monday, February 11, 2013

Self Publishing News 2/4-2/10

Apple's Big Announcement: Apple is rolling out it's own program for self publishers, in an attempt to challenge Kindle Direct's current market domination.

"The Gatekeeper's Are Gone": Publishers are slowly adapting to the change the self publishing explosion has created. Some small publishers in Minnesota talk about how they are changing their business with the times.

Leading Self-Publishing ServiceProvider Outskirts Press Pays Authors $300 to Publish Books inFebruary: Check it out.

 Space Marines?: Big geek news this week - Games Workshop accused a self publisher of copyright violation for using the term "Space Marines" in her title. A term which has existed since decades before Games Workshop was founded. Self publishers are uniquely vulnerable to this kind of attack.

A Look at Marketing: Self publishing and traditional publishing have different approaches and needs when it comes to marketing.

Finally, two great articles on the perception of self publishing. One looking at how the perception of self publishing has changed and the other examining how self published author can continue improving the reputation of self publishing.

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