Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Self Publishing Book Review: Self-Printed by Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine Ryan Howard recently released the second edition of Self-Printed. Like the first edition, it contains a detailed, step-by-step guide to going from manuscript to marketing, with some detours to discuss the theory and purpose of self publishing along the way. As a book that specifically recounts Catherine's own journey through self publishing, this is not a comprehensive guide to many ways an author can self publish. Instead, it is a clear guide though one of the many possible paths, which Catherine make's clear in her introduction.

This book is a great resource for any author planning to self publish. The step-by-step guide to formatting your manuscript for ebook conversion alone is invaluable. Other great information includes a clear break down of how publishing on Amazon works, comparison of the royalties paid by various online retailers, and more.

Catherine has a sharp tongue and a sarcastic wit, which she uses freely. She has no patience for people who want to take short cuts or see self publishing as an easy route to fame and fortune. Instead she presents self publishing for the realistic author, who is willing to put in the work needed to create, publish and market a good book.

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